Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its winding down...

My 8 weeks are over on Monday and I can't say that I am disappointed. While I truly love the kids and being at school, my family needs to get back in order. I honestly haven't put clothes away for 2 months. They are cleaned and folded and then they make their home on the dining room table. Our dining room table is just a big dresser and honestly in the mornings rather that run up and down stairs I can just shop off the table. So next week I am putting them all away. Also, we haven't had many home cooked meals during the week and I am sick of frozen food. I never thought I would really relish home cooked meals but it is time to start anew. I really don't enjoy cooking but a "real meal" is great. The little kids will be thrilled to not have to rush to dress in the mornings and I know Ben will be ready to quit feeding and dressing kids before he leaves! I need to just state that Ben has been a dream the last few months. I was really sick a couple of the weeks and he did laundry and bathed kids and cooked his share. He deserves to have me home again as well!
I am ready to go home --but I will really miss the kids. Some much more that others. I have learned my tolerance for laziness is very low and I am not good to help kids that don't help themselves. I have learned some great parenting lessons!!!

I hope to post more - hopefully more pics from Halloween!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy, I just went on your facebook profile and it's like a ghost town there...I'm thinking you don't make it there much;)
So I thought I'd visit your blog to see how you guys are doin...You really are a great writer and it is fun to read your blog! Makes me want to add more words to my blog as mine is mostly pictures and descriptions of pictures. Yours is an ACTUAL blog:))) Good for you for making the decision to be home more. Now that my kids are older, I started working 2-3 days a wk and just with that can see how it's very easy to fall behind at home...take care! Denise