Saturday, November 08, 2008

A peek...


Here is a quick glimpse at what we are spending our time doing around these parts! Mason is riding with Ben in the combine and then you see Miles coming from the tractor with Grandpa and finally Camden - (who was looking for his hat apparently) comes up to make up the completed harvest gang. Last weekend Ben's brother came from Des Moines and helped. He must have had the grain truck on a run to the bin. Hopefully by the end of this weekend we are really close to done. Ben was at the farm by 5:45am this morning and I took the older boys around 7am. No time for sleeping!!!


Emma or The Morem 5 said...

thats the coolest vid i've seen in along time.
gets me teary!
ben is such an awesome dad and these memories will last 4ever!
dane would give to be in a real combine, wow...
take care,

Becky said...

Mason looks so big all of the sudden! Man. He's part of the gang now huh? Does Makenna ever want to go with the boys?