Thursday, October 16, 2008

still kicking..

Wow, how time can fly. Not much has really changed over the last 3 weeks. I am getting very excited for the end of the long term sub job. I love it but the consequences of being so busy are starting to outweigh my joy when I am at school. The consequences are these: I have been sick for about 10 days and can't really kick it. Yesterday I went to the doctor and got lots of good drugs and am feeling almost back to normal tonight. Another problem is the lack of time to keep the house even remotely clean. I feel like I lay clothes out for bed and for school every night and never have time to do anything else. The kids are doing great but I can sense that the my lack of energy is starting ot unnerve them. Camden's homework is starting to become a problem - and I need to have more time with him. Also, I haven't cooked a meal in days - we are living on yuck food and it is started to get old. (never thought I would say that!)

Anyway, we will survive and I have committed to my husband and Mom not to take any more long term jobs until all the kids are in school and able to do a bit more on their own. By the way, my mom has pneumonia and is very sick! Please add her to your prayers and tomorrow is her birthday! What a drag!

In a few weeks I will be back to my normal self - hopefully! November 4th I am voting and staying home the rest of the day because I can!

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