Monday, January 05, 2009

Fear and discipline...

I spent over an hour in a dentist's chair this morning because I have a horrible fear of dentists and because I am not disciplined enough to overcome my fear and go for regular check ups! So I had part of a root canal this morning and in two weeks will complete the procedure. I did make an appointment for a regular checkup. I think maybe the pain and discomfort has pushed me to face my fear and become disciplined (at least in this area of my life). Honestly, it really wasn't that bad....who knew?


Picture said...

i second that, hate the dentist.
bad mom, i know.
kiddos go regularly and of course, mr. aquafresh does as well, never a cavity!
more power to ya?
hey and whats up w/ your 1st post of the new year?
b's job?
your "newest arrival"
c'mon, left me hangin'
happy '09,

Suzanne said...

I don't mind the root canals - I've lost count -- but the price tag: $800 a pop, yikes!!!!