Saturday, January 03, 2009

Just starting over...

We have had a wonderful Christmas and New Years' break from school and really from our normal lives. Ben has taken vacation since Christmas Eve and goes back to work on Monday. Most days have started with Ben making breakfast. Real breakfast like eggs and bacon and pancakes breakfast. Every day has held some sort of activity. Ben would really rather hunker down and watch football and do nothing but the kids and myself really aren't that type!! Plus that is a lot of time together. We need a short break now and then --right?
Our activities have included: Christmas Eve at Ben's sister's house in Columbus, a trip to Lincoln on Christmas day to see my family, watching my brother's basketball team compete in their holiday tournament, watching our hometown basketball team compete, the children's theatre for a version of "Frosty the Snowman", lots of football games, Ben and I went to Omaha to a couple movies, replacing the faucet in the sink (Ben) and lots of playing on the Wii.
The college football games have been of real interest to Makenna. She and Ben and Camden all chose their teams and have a running tally of who has picked the most correctly. She carries around her clipboard and is always asking who is winning or who won the games. She is leading the boys with her selections. She picked the Huskers but someone in our family didn't--shame, shame. We had a quick lesson on sticking by your team even when they aren't at the top of the polls.
Yesterday, Ben and I went to see "Fireproof". It was written by the same men who wrote "Facing the Giants". It is really good and was great food for discussion. The story is about a couple facing serious challenges in their marriage and what happens when one of them decide divorce is not an option. We also saw "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith. I can't really let you in on it because it will ruin the movie--I would recommend it. Will Smith again does a great job with his character.
Anyway, school starts on Tuesday and I think the kids will be ready to get back into the routine. (i am) I am disappointed in myself that I didn't take any pictures the whole time the kids were home. What a bummer - I need to get the camera out more often. Maybe I will resolve to do that more in the new year. Here's a few things I am pondering doing this year: learning to sew, learning to play the piano, figuring out the ins and out of my new camera.... who knows!

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Thanks for a much needed chat. You are such a great friend to me. PS My shed did NOT blow up. Hong Kong is no longer a security threat.