Monday, March 16, 2009

It's the truth...

This is an on the spot report coming your way. Just moments (okay minutes) ago I was busy balancing the checkbook and paying some bills when our youngest child (I say OUR youngest because his actions that follow definately are representative of his father) came down the hallway stark naked (okay he had on socks). He was repeatedly stating he wants to potty (which I haven't taken the time to teach him yet). (At this point you are judging me for having a nearly 3 year old that wants to use the toilet and I haven't done it - go ahead judge -walk a mile in my shoes first though!!) I quickly say Mason get your clothes and a diaper and then you can go potty (good parenting, huh). He goes away and Miles (the accomplice) says he will help him find some clothes. Meanwhile, I go ahead and finish the bills. I stand to go to the kitchen to find the boys and sweep the floor. Upon entering the kitchen I hear Miles shouting - (not for the proper uppity readers out there) "Mason there is poop coming out of your bottom!" Okay, this will get a mom moving no matter what she is doing. Indeed, Miles was correct and Mason earned himself a bath.

Go ahead laugh - its either that or start potty training!! I'm holding out for warm weather - my boys do best outside!

Just keeping it real!! (gross)


dwb said...

This is very funny. When you say these actions are representative of his father, do you mean Ben walks around in just his socks with, well, you know, the other aforementioned issues???

Don Holmes said...

delightful story and uplifting.
Thnx for sharing.