Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm here..

Lots going on - our baby turned 3 on monday. I have to say I am very excited to enter the non baby stage. (We do still have diapers and a crib but he is becoming much more self sufficient.) Last weeks weather lent itself to us getting to be outside every day after school. This week the winds are fierce and the snow has blown around a few days. My kids need to get outside and run and run and run. Ben has been sick - lots of flu like stuff missed more days of work for sickness this year than he has in the last five years it seems like. He will be fine but when he is sick...enough said.
Gotta run - have a most wonderful day. I will try to post later today if time allows. I am trying to limit my computer time because it sucks the life out of my day.

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