Thursday, April 02, 2009

No plans...

it is just me and my list for the next few days. I have a to do list that I have been sort of working on the last couple days. It is staring at me while I sit here and type. I haven't had to work much this week so it should be completed but it isn't. Here is what I need to do: (I have no deadline - which isn't a good thing for me!)
1. clean the carpet
2. order checks DONE
3. email sara DONE
4. blog DONE NOW!
5. read (I like to put things on my list that are fun!)
6. fold clothes DONE
7. put all clothes away
8. clean kitchen floor
9. find song title from lyrics - this is where I want to be and when you bring me up"
10. jot some notes about meeting
11. email alan
12. clean out frig
13. get Mason a haircut - no kidding as I was just typing Miles and Mason came down to show me that Miles had cut Mason's hair. Give those guys a minute and they are doing something crazy!

Gotta run. Things to do.

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