Wednesday, June 03, 2009

a birthday

The girl of the house just had a birthday and we spent the day and night in Lincoln to celebrate.  She has had an eventful few weeks.  She has graduated from Kindergarten and gone to basketball camp and attended bible school and had tball practice.  She is starting piano next week.  She thrives on the activity.  (not sure where she gets that!!!)  Meanwhile, the rest of us are just excited to enjoy summer and the lack of routine. 

This is Makenna with her Kindergarten teacher.  Makenna adores her!
This is one of Makenna's best friends who just happens to be the best babysitter in the world.  She is going to college in the fall and it makes me very sad!

This is one of Makenna's best friends.  He is a jewel and they spend lots of time playing together.  She complains all the time about only having brothers so it seems strange one of her best buddies is a boy!!!

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Robin said...

How delightful it is to have such wonderful people in Kenner's life. Good Peeps are hard to find. God is sooo good.