Thursday, June 04, 2009


It was just a year ago that we were anticipating Mason's heart cath and then the failure of that procedure that led us to the major heart surgery.  It is a funny thing how God has brought all those feelings and memories back. 

 Just today I learned that one of our best family friends have to go through the same thing just next week.  Their son, who is 11, has to have heart surgery next wednesday.  He doesn't have the same problem as Mason did but he still has to go through surgery and the 4+ week recovery. Please pray for Carter.  The Lord will sustain him.  Pray that he will be content with giving up the rest of baseball season and swimming.  Pray that he sees the Lord working very clearly in his life through this.  Pray that Carter and his family will affect the nurses and other patients for eternity.  

 It is a joy to serve and worship the God of all creation.

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