Monday, July 20, 2009

a picnic...

Last evening our church body gathered for a picnic. We had brats off the grill and pies for dessert. It was a joy to be with friends laughing and playing. Our family sometimes needs to be forced to have fun together.After eating there was a fear factor competition and about 35 people were willing contestants. One of the challenges was to keep an alka seltzer and water in your mouth as long as possible (couldn't swallow it-as if you would want to). Most people ended like below!
We had a cupcake walk and Mason was a winner!
Miss Robin outdid herself when it comes to the cupcakes! They were bakery-good!
The kids had games before dinner - sack races, running races and more! Camden has some serious hair flying!

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Robin said...

It was a lovely evening- the weather was picnic perfect. Thanks for the nice comment on the cupcakes- they were fun to make. It was a great night of fellowship.