Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer so far...

I need to post so here are some photos (some not so great)--
Miles at bible school.
Makenna singing at the bible school program.
This is from a rain delay during one of Camden's baseball games. I love it because Makenna (orange tank) and her friend are not intimidated at all by the pack of boys (or maybe I should be concerned). Camden has his glove on his head to the right of the picture.
Camden is in the far back near the wall.
Camden went to a morning session put on by our local extension office and learned the mechanics of simple electricity and made an extension cord. He knows right where his dad can use it at the farm.

For now this is what I have --not much but will do better next month maybe. We have a short trip planned and lots of swimming to do before the county fair and school begin.

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Anonymous said...

Do you still have Mason?? Haven't seen many pictures of him. Maybe you are mad because he won't use the "potty chair" so you are ignoring him. I love reading your blog even though I see the kids every day. Mom