Friday, August 07, 2009

Branson Day 2...

We started the day at the Titanic Museum. Camden and Ben spent about 3 hours inside while the rest of the kids and I only took in about 2 hours. We arrived early so we didn't have to deal with the crowds. We only had about 40 people in our group but when we left there were at least 100 in each group to go through. At the entrance each person gets a boarding pass with the description of a real passenger on the cruise. At the conclusion of the museum you find out if you lived or died. It was amazing how it was devastating when one of us died. (3 lived, 3 died). We would highly recommend this museum - the older kids really liked it.

The ship is an actual replica of the Titanic.
In the afternoon we went to a musical. (The highly anticipated part of the trip for me!) We saw Noah, The Musical. It was awesome and it kept everyones attention for the whole 2 plus hours. If you ever get the chance - see it. This is one of the displays in the theater with Camden and Mason posing for Ben!!
The theater is the biggest in Branson. We swam a bit in the evening and then called it a night. Day 2 was just as successful as day 1!

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