Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I interrupt this vacation spread...

I have to write down what I have been learning because some of it has been profound for me. (some not as profound)

1. I am not good at loving people that aren't like me. (meaning: married moms that bathe their children regularly) This is sin all because of that little command to love one another!
2. I am happy when my teeth don't hurt. I never realized how my teeth had been causing me great amounts of crabbiness but I am thankful that they haven't hurt for about two weeks now. Thank a dentist and be thankful for good teeth.
3. When I play/engage with my kids I really love them. When I ignore them and think only of myself they really irritate me. (I have to relearn this monthly!)
4. I(we) have too much stuff. I need to declutter my house, my purse, my car and on and on. Americans are really bad about that I think. We get in the the mindset "the more, the more!"
5. Fasting is a great way to quickly learn to listen to the Lord. We are trying to practice that discipline more - Ben and I are, the kids are exempt!

So there, I mostly wrote this post for myself so I could come back and remember where I was or maybe even revamp my energies now and then. The Lord is really working on me... sometimes causes me fear about what may be coming but I have to rest in Him.

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b smiles said...

YES!!! I love it when you share what you're learning! It's a good sharpening for me. So glad I've abandoned facebook so I can keep up with your blog.