Monday, August 17, 2009

Branson Day 4...

This was our final day in Branson. We planned to leave town by noon but before we left we had to stop by to see an old friend. For Ben it was an old friend but to the boys it is a new friend. This was our condo -we were in the middle on the left.
We walked by these lovely flowers each morning and evening. The lady that lives next door was very friendly and enjoyed watching our kids run like crazy with excitement.
Here is the inside just before we packed up to leave.
This is the old friend of Ben's we had to go visit. The store behind the General Lee was full of memorabilia. The boys and Ben loved sitting where Bo and Luke once sat!

After we saw the General Lee we loaded up for home. We had a great trip and the kids did great in the car. We decided they just may have earned another trip next year! Where will we go????


Robin said...

I love the picture of Ben in the Gen. Lee. It makes me smile. How about a little Disneyland action next year?

erika said...

'....makin his way the only way he knows how, thats just a lil' bit more than the law will allow.'
love the dukes pics, i'm green with envy benny!!!

KBB said...

YOU CAME TO MISSOURI AND DID NOT STOP TO SEE US???? (And by the do you put music on your blog--way cool!)