Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And then there were no days left...

Its over officially, we woke to the last day of summer vacation this morning. I commanded the kids to go outside and ride bikes and play as much as they can today. The boys are doing a great job-the girl tends to say I am bored about 100 times and then finds something to do on her own.
Camden spent many days this summer with Grandpa Pearson in the "truck". Camden loves it and had an opportunity to show his space to us recently. First he loaded all the kids up in the cab.

Then he proceeded to show them every nook and cranny and curtain and channel on his TV!

Here they are just before leaving. He may not show it but Camden loves being in that truck. It may have something to do with being away from the siblings!!

Here they are headed down the road...honk if you see them. They have covered about 8 states together this summer.

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