Friday, August 21, 2009

the truth...

I love having three kids in school. (only on MWF!)
I do sometimes feel like I need to consider what I will do when all four are in all day every day.
I am realizing that most people, when you really get down to it, are lonely.
I am learning that passion about something can really be a detriment to clear thinking.
I wish I could set goals and attain them.
I love music...any kind.
Ben and I spent over an hour just hacking around iTunes listening to a variety of music last night. (what does that say about us???)
I miss our babysitter. Kiley went to college. Feels like one of my own is gone.
I want to start sewing a few things again.
I need to go through all the clothes in this house and get them in the right person's drawers and throw out the outgrown ones.

gotta get to work....have a great day.


b smiles said...

I love reading what you learn along the way.

KBB said...

I want to start sewing again, too. What will your first project be??? I just can't decide....maybe a Little House on the Prairie skirt for Abby???

Suzanne said...

wow - y'all start school early.