Wednesday, September 09, 2009

a photo dump...

We have spent lots of hours in the car this summer, needless to say we don't use it as a family bonding time. We mostly use it for the alotted TV time for the day. It is so great to have silence in the car and Ben and I can visit uninterrupted. TIP: invest in wireless headphones - its good for your marriage.
The boys have spent lots of time the last few weeks throwing around the football. Its extra special when Daddy plays. TIP: play with your kids
Makenna is very into using my camera as often as it is out. She does some very creative things. TIP: let your kids express themselves... make sure they have the camera strap around their neck if they are using your camera though!
Makenna will not take this button of Kiley off her backpack. She treasures her friendship with that girl! We got to see her apartment this past weekend and Makenna wants to live with her! Makenna has lots of women that are influencing her life but they don't have buttons so they don't make the backpack decor. TIP: find good Christ-like people to surround your kids
Another of Makenna's photos - from Aunt Carol and Uncle Dennis' farm. Taken about 7am - TIP: enjoy the magnificence of God's creation. In fact, go here, click on videos and watch "the awe factor of God." amazing!!

Have a great day.

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missy said...

gorgeous! what an incredible place.