Monday, September 07, 2009

The sea of red...

We spent all afternoon on saturday wading through the sea of red people at Memorial Stadium. We waited for the team to get off the bus and then went onto the soccer field where there were inflatables for the kids and a large screen tv. About 5 Ben and Camden entered the stadium and we made our way back to the car. Thankfully Kiley was with us because we had a long walk and the kids were getting very tired. All that information to say this, it was packed with people so I didn't take a single photo until we went back down to the stadium on sunday afternoon. So as you look at the photos below imagine 70,ooo people in red swarming the kids.
Makenna enjoyed picking up the remnants of the day before. I should have brought the sign home to put on our front door!!

On the threshold of the stadium. These kids could run around and look in every gate and every door of this place all day. I kept thinking one of the doors might open-could have been quite an adventure. Again, this photo was not even possible on saturday because I think ticket holders were waiting on these steps 5 hours before the door opened. Strange considering they all had tickets in their hands. The Husker faithful are a little crazy. We saw a few vintage red leisure suits and lots of red and white striped overalls.
They had to climb on to a ledge with large drop off for this picture - the reason Camden is holding on to Mason with both arms.
Makenna's holding it all together!!!
Even the fire hydrants are red - have you ever wondered why they are red in your city??? Now you know-- Husker fans are everwhere!


b smiles said...

You guys have so much fun! I love the adventures. Keep posting!!!

missy said...

love the pic of your kids in their husker gear. aren't you proud to be a husker???!!!

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