Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas blizzard

and the kid that doesn't play outside. Miles would much rather shoot hoops in the basement or play football on the wii or even snowboard on the new Winter Olympic game they got for Christmas. Bundling up and freezing his buns is not something he likes to do. Here he is in his new Carmelo Anthony jersey. If he was really 'Melo then he would have tatoos up and down his arms and he would make lots of money for doing what he loves (basketball) but he's not Carmelo so we will settle with Milesmelo.
Camden and Makenna spent lots of time going up and down the sidewalk. It is much like a bobsled run because of the natural side barriers.
Walking up is the worst.
The start is crucial.

Makenna is all smiles because her oldest brother is playing with her! (a rare treat)
I love this pic of Camden. Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking or maybe I don't!
Daddy always at work. He has traded in tractors for snow blowers this week.

Mason marking the date. Love this one of him as well. Anytime you can cover his mouth and cover his eyes you are headed for some peace. It usually doesn't last long though.

Makenna spent a lot of time finding the best pile of snow to use the new sled on.

Hope you are shoveled out and if you aren't that you are content where you are. We are shoveled out and I am thankful because I am going stir crazy. Going somewhere this afternoon---even if I have to walk.

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