Friday, April 23, 2010


Do you remember when the gratitude journal was a hot idea? I really didn't jump on the whole idea because I felt that I should be in a constant state of thankfulness and wonder of an awesome God. Clearly I am not doing a very good job because it takes a miracle for me to respond openly to Him. Why does it take a horrible event to redirect me?

I am not stunned when I go to the tap to get a drink of water - I should be - it is a blessing to live where our water is safe to drink and nourishing to my body.

I am not stunned when I hear my kids read a book - I should be - what a blessing to have kids that are in a school that encourages them and challenges them.

I am not stunned when I wake up to draw a breathe - I should be - I do nothing to earn that breathe. Yet another day the Lord has chosen to awaken me to a day full of things he wants for me.

I gotta get more thankful and appreciative for what the Lord has done!

Sorry this post is random - I am just very frustrated with myself when I don't thank the Lord for the small things. like shoes and gas in my van and green grass and kids that can ride bikes and on and on and on.

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