Monday, September 13, 2010

a big week

lots of fun stuff to look forward to this week. i get to spend monday through thursday teaching high school science and it will be a blast to be with high schoolers all week. tonight we sign up to get camden his band instrument. he wants to play the baritone horn. tomorrow night is high school volleyball and wednesday is AWANA. thursday is pick up the house and pack for our trip to SEATTLE. ben and i are going to have a weekend by ourselves (with some of my extended WA family). swimming lessons started today for mason and he loved it. aunt kari has a birthday on wednesday and uncle jim has one on friday. ben is working 12 hour days to get farmers ready for harvest. a dear friend is going to have her baby girl on friday.

hope your week is full of fun stuff also.


missy said...

we heart seattle! have fun!!!

klslovesanimals said...

So happy to find you blogging!