Sunday, October 24, 2010

Everybody cut, everybody cut,

Footloose. A couple weeks ago a few friends and I went to the Omaha Community Plays for their take on the 80's classic movie. We had a great time. We sang, and clapped and moved our feet while the "older" folks just kind of sat. No one enjoyed the show as much as we did. The man in the above photo stole the show for all of us. He did not have a lead but played is secondary role very well. In the final scene he danced his heart out, all the while his cumber bun was inching up. For the photo, I asked him to lift his cumber bun because it was a highlight for us. (you really had to be there!)

Just last thursday I went to West Side Story at the Orpheum and really enjoyed the show. I went alone to an 11am performance. It was mostly bus tour folks and high schools. I love it when kids get introduced to the stage! I enjoyed the show-I had totally forgotten how much I love the story. I wanted Tony and Maria to in love in real life they were so believable.


missy said...

oh sandy...we really need to hang out. i LOVE footloose and should go see it too. i'll look for cumberbun boy if i do. :)

Robin said...

although footloose is at the bottom of the list for me, it makes me happy to know that you all had a wonderful time. You are missing from that picture by the way otherwise it would be perfect.