Friday, November 12, 2010

Far from perfect

This is our typical sunday morning it photos. Usually my mom is at church before us but this past sunday she arrived just as we did and the kids ran to meet her. I am so thankful I had my camera with me. I cherish this photo and the heritage she has laid out for our kids. She even teaches Makenna's sunday school class. We have sunday school before church.
We don't let our kids play until the speaker starts. They must stand and sing...and then the games begin. I know it is bad parenting but we(I) have missed way to many sermons in the past. We only require quiet and low movement. You know, no standing or hands flailing about. Mason usually plays with cars and Miles draws. Camden sits with my mom and is does a good job of sitting and listening. (He acts like he is listening-I know he is counting down the minutes until its over.) At some point, there is a fight over some object. A pen, a car, the bulletin and Ben must intervene. (no photo of ben intervening)

Miles usually ends up prone either on the pew or on the floor. I don't really care but Ben usually puts his foot down here also. We poke and prod to get him to sit up. (again, no photo of poking or prodding.)
Makenna sometimes sits with her friends because her friends bring better books. So here is the look that she sports during most of the sermon. She is in the white with large black polka dots.
And finally the morning draws to a close and Kenna is exhausted. I guess I really distracted her friend with the camera. We were supposed to be praying because everyone in the background is doing that.
On nice days the kids walk the 5 blocks home and begin their afternoon activities. This day Miles and Mason decided to make the trek.

Now, we may be doing it all wrong but we are doing our best. The Lord is faithful and I will count on Him!


Kris said...

You are a hoot and I know God is faithful. Playing cars, listening here and there, or laying under a chair - the kids are there and you are laying the right foundation!

Anonymous said...

I have read this many times and every time find something different to laugh at. The pictures pretty accurately show what Sun morning church is like in your family. I must add that you are one of the few families with small children that make it to Sunday School/church on time - course when the kids get up at 5:30/6:00 their day is half over buy church time. Love you guys - Mom