Friday, October 15, 2010

i can't believe i never told you..

about our trip to Washington. Ben and I had a great time and the Huskers won! When we arrived it was a downpour and when we left it was raining. But game day was beautiful.
Lots of people get to the stadium via the sound so there were lots of party boats - many packed with Husker fans.
The entrance to the stadium from the water is just ahead.
It was loud - lots of people chanting Go Big Red and the Husky fans were sprinkled in.

This is who we followed onto the campus. Felt like home!

Poor Jake had a tough day. No Heisman in his future.

My cousin, Matt, and myself before the game. We had awesome seats- 48 yard line and 20 rows up!
Gomes is one of the favorites in our house so I think we took about 20 pictures of him.
VICTORY! What a blast. I told Ben I would get a job just so we could travel to Husker games. We have many more pics but it takes so long to load them. Maybe I will try again later. Thanks Ben for a great trip!

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Ellie said...

we loooooved seeing u!!!!!