Tuesday, February 08, 2011

12 years ago...

our lives changed forever. The evening of February 8th was spent watching "7th Heaven" on TV. The family in the story, the "Camden's" had twins on that episode. The next morning at 9:23 our Camden was born. I remember being terrified about what I was about to experience, mostly the delivery. I got my epidural late in the evening and actually slept a lot that night. Camden didn't come out smoothly but he made it in his own time. I could list a million lessons he has taught me but the most important is how much I am loved by my Heavenly Father. I don't think I would have ever gotten that if I didn't have children. I love them so much and to know that the Lord loves me immeasurably more is astounding. So Happy Birthday to my oldest boy. You are loved.

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missy said...

what a cutie. he looks like he has such a FUN personality! i loved 7th heaven. so is your camden named after THE camdens??