Thursday, February 03, 2011

Holiday Bowl

The Super Bowl brought to mind that I didn't post pictures from the Holiday Bowl when the Huskers were humiliated by the Washington Huskies. Our hosts were great friends who had just moved into their new home. It was a joy to get to be part of one of the first football parties at their house. The kids had tons of space to play upstairs and there was tons of seating.
Thats Ben and I on the couch to the right - Kenna must have taken this one.
Mason enjoyed being superman and reading with friends.
Miles and a good buddy.
Mason posing - guarantee Kenna took this one.
The whole night was fun except for the Husker loss. The game didn't end until after midnight and our kids did great. In fact, one of my friends commented that she was so surprised that we let the kids stay up that late. Ben and I tend to get a babysitter or leave early to get the kids to bed. We realized that finally the kids are growing up - new stages to challenge us. Bedtime isn't our enemy as it used to be!!


missy said...

it was a humiliation on the field, but sounds like it was a fun time in your living room!

Kris said...

You are hard core football people!! What a fun thing - football, food and friends!!