Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It is freezing in the great midwest today. Not only freezing but very windy and snowy. The kids are thrilled with another snow day and I am working on being happy about it. Kenna awoke coughing like crazy at 5:30am so the day began bright and early. I just finished snowblowing the driveway so my outside tasks are complete. Now I must work to feel my toes again and then do some laundry. Supper is prepared: waffle mix (from scratch) in the frig and the bacon is thawing. Thinking it will be leftovers for lunch: chili, spaghetti, a little mac n cheese left also. The boys are having a Modern Marvels marathon. I love the DVR we have about 20 episodes taped. Mason is singing Skinnymarink as loud as he can and it is only 9am. I am going to use up all my patience before noon - lots of prayer going up from me today. Have a great day - I'm going to do my best to have one also.

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