Friday, March 04, 2011


A few weeks ago we got a few pieces of furniture that came in very large boxes. I wasn't home so Ben and my brother just threw the boxes into the front yard. I guess so the homeless would have a place to go. It just turns out that the homeless turned out to be our kids. I forced them outside to play because it was beautiful. They quickly took over the boxes as forts. Miles said over and over, "its so warm in here." We talked about how some people really covet a warm piece of cardboard. I didn't go overboard but wanted them to remember to be thankful for our warm house.

Mason and Camden used part of theirs as a fortress to protect them in war.
In the end, they all gathered for a post war photo.
Anytime Mason is outside it always ends the same. He must get in his quota of shots. This day he even had a "buzzer beater". Who knew?

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