Wednesday, April 13, 2011

they froze my noze...

nurse: why are you here?
me: i have this red splotch on my nose. been there since january.
nurse: the derm will be in shortly.
few minutes pass.......
derm: how are you
me: swell
derm: glad swell is good. what is wrong?
me: not sure. i have taken antibiotics and it doesn't go away. my primary doctor can't handle the case.
derm: looks at it says some long impressive words.
me: that is what I thought it was.
derm: we will freeze that.
me: today
derm: yes
me: will it hurt
derm: yes
me: don't laugh at me if I cry
derm: (laughing) i won't laugh
nurse: (laughing) we won't laugh
me: hurry lets get it over with.
derm: it will only hurt a couple seconds
me: its burning, its burning, its still burning, and burning
derm: it should be fine in a couple weeks. come back if it doesn't
me: great thanks. it is still burning.
derm: it will stop we will give you some stuff to put on it.
me: okay, have a great day.

and so was the saga of the red spot on my nose. the doctor did say that it was good to come in because it needed to be removed. i agreed. (don't mock my picture - no one was around to take a close up so you got my whole mug!)

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Anonymous said...

Just had a heart-to-heart with a couple of Jr Hi boys about the music they were listening to and how inappropriate the lyrics were. Breaks my heart that they don't even know what is acceptable - if no one teaches you guess you have no way of knowing. Anyway, right after checked the blog and got a good laugh that I needed. I assume you do know that noze is spelled with an s. Love you - Mom