Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ever just sit and wish you were somewhere else. Well I usually am in that frame of mind but just this evening it was refreshing to be happy with where I am. Ben and Camden spent the day working at the farm and the small kids and I spent the day doing 'stuff''. When Ben came home he suggested we go to the public pool. I did not scoff at the idea but embrace it and within minutes we were on our way. We swam for about an hour and a half--the kids loved it! We came home to a meal and then they headed off to bed. It was awesome--I am glad that I am here, in this family, in this town and why do I have this feeling so rarely. The answer, I believe, lies in the fact that I am extremely selfish. This fact does not mesh with four kids and a husband under one roof. My main role, within this family, is to maintain the children and support wholeheartedly my husband. I daily must lay myself down at the feet of Jesus and know that only with him will I accomplish much because, doggonnit, I can only think of myself usually. (more rantings from a crazy woman) (or am I more normal than I think)

Now I think I can't publish a post without photos --so I must throw in a few old ones.


b smiles said...

I love that you're blogging with the rest of us. It's weird that your kids are so big... has it been that long? love you. b

becky said...

hi sandy! i'm glad you're a blogger too. and glad bsmiles has a link, so i could find you.

Suzanne said...

I thought it was just me that was selfish. Maybe we are more normal than we think.