Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

Today at 1:30 this afternoon our baby was "back". He awoke and wanted to eat and drink. In fact, he ate a chicken nugget practically whole and it hurt his throat to swallow. Since then he has had jello and applesauce and yogurt. He has all his wires except the IV in his neck and his chest tube out. He is doing incredibly well. He gets restless so we try to play/distract him and then after a bit he gets weary and sleeps. We moved out of PICU this evening so now he is on the fifth floor and he can see out his window - he loves that. The doctors are reporting that everything is going as expected and the chest tube will come out tomorrow and then we may get to go home on thursday. Our older kids seem to be doing well - Camden and Grandpa Pearson left Fremont this afternoon on a trucking run to Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. He is thrilled. Miles and Makenna are playing with their cousins - Makenna is getting to be a little mother to her younger cousins. Thanks so much to our family for their support and help with the kids. Thanks for all the phone calls and emails, as well. Love to you all!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, our prayers are being answered. Rest as much as you can, as you will need to be when you all are able to go home. Our love and best wishes for Mason's continued speedy recovery, Dixie

Emma or The Morem 5 said...

praise God!
He is so ever faithful.
hugs to your family.
and i am praying for your strength.
you know you always find it in Him.
we are weak, He is strong :0)
love ya,

b smiles said...

SO glad to have these updates. We love you guys so much and are praying for your strength.